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  • Mix Bag Season 2022 at Argentina’s Best Hunting
    End of Mix Bag season, 2022…. already preparing for the season 2023!A couple of months ago, we wrote about this fantastic season we were having, after two years of pandemic… and now we are already at the end of it, after four full months of Mix Bag with limitless Doves shooting, Pigeons, Ducks, and Partridge […]
  • Mid Mix Bag Season
    After two lost seasons due to the Covid Pandemic, we were hoping that this 2022 was announced as a great hunting season… and it is! If we count since January 2022, more than 300 people have had the opportunity to experience this hunting adventure at Argentina’s Best Hunting.
  • ABH reserves the right of admission
    At Argentina’s Best Hunting, our main objective is the complete satisfaction of our clients, that they feel comfortable, cared for, safe, and valued, offering them everything they need and promise. This is ONLY achieved thanks to our staff, who is always willing to help, to provide an excellent service, offering the best of themselves, and […]
  • In touch with our inner urchins
    True luxury is rarely perfect. There is often, as with Bruar, a certain confident scruffiness about it, a slight swagger that relishes the ability to shock the uninitiated. These imperfections are always restricted to the heart of the activity, and never stray beyond. They are almost a challenge if you will- a dare that says: […]
  • Borders are open
    In Argentina, the government recently eased the restrictions for international business travel and has announced a timeline (November 1st) to open the borders to all the international tourists, and quarantine won’t be required. Argentina had the peak of the second wave in late May, since then cases have come down sharply and there are very […]
  • Our cook and friend, Luka, forever
    With deep sorrow we inform you all the sad demise of Mr. Luis Siano (Luka), our cook and friend at Cortaderas, for many years. We will miss your sense of humor and laught, the wisdom in your advice, the stories of your life and just being in our presence. You will be always in our […]
  • For Thousands Of Traveling American Bird Hunters, Pandemic Fears End Argentina’s Wingshooting Season
    Forbes magazine published and article by Chris Dorsey explaining the current and future situation of wingshooting in Argentina. Read the article clicking here
  • Mix Bag Hunting in Entre Ríos, Argentina
    Duane Donner, his third visit to Estancia Cortaderas, and this time the team leader of this group of 12 hunters!, what a big and funny group we had the pleasure to receive! Most of them (10 actually) was their first time with Argentina’s Best Hunting, and I can assure they had just 3, but intense, […]
  • Big Game, wingshooting and Dorado fishing in Argentina
    Have you ever dreamed of Wingshooting, Big Game, and also Fishing, all in the same location, without driving long hours, neither having to fly to another province, charter, etc? Your dream come true! Now it is possible! Argentina’s Best Hunting is the only company capable of offering these 3 services, only 40 minutes, as maximum, […]
  • Doves and pigeon hunting along with Dorado fishing
    More than a year ago, he went to a booth at a Safaris Club International (SCI), and told that he wanted to make “the trip of his life” for trout fishing, in Argentina; Here he met Marcelo, recommended also some Dove shooting and Dorado fishing, which made it even more Interesting. One year later, these […]
  • Pinkston group – Real stories
    After so many years (35 to be exact), they still keep coming to shoot in Argentina, and this time chose us, Argentina’s Best Hunting, to experience a new dove hunting trip, where they could also hunt pigeons, and do some freshwater Dorado fishing! Everything out of the same lodge. Once they arrive at Buenos Aires […]
  • Over 20 years in the family | Mixed bag hunting in Corrientes
    Malalcue Lodge has been in Argentina’s Best Hunting family for over 20 years and has proved to be an outstanding lodge combined with the best mixed bag available in the area. Located in the province of Corrientes and by the river, this lodge counts with 6 rooms and 5 bathrooms and gives the guests the […]
  • Enjoy a perfect hunting vacation
    The importance of choosing a reliable Company when you decide to plan a hunting trip will give you the tranquility of a good vacation, especially if you are planning on taking this trip to another country. There are so many things that you should take in notice when you plan your hunting vacation, because this […]
  • Hunting, fishing… and relaxing!
    After a very rainy summer, thanks to El Niño Current, we thought that we were going to have a difficult beginning of hunting season in both areas were we have the lodges, being located by important rivers and near places that were affected by the water. The surprise was that May came with low temperatures […]
  • Argentina’s Best Hunting is gold member at DSC
    We are proud to announce that we are Gold Members at the Dallas Safari Club Convention for 2016. We will be expecting you at booth #1340 between January 7th and 10th to share all the exciting things Argentina’s Best Hunting has to offer next year.
  • Bird fest in Argentina
    Every once in a while we publish an article about a group’s stay at one of our lodges, about a great recipe done by our chef, or how the season is going. This time we have decided to share and article written by one of our guests about his stay at Estancia Cortaderas last June. […]
  • Father and son adventure in Argentina
    In February we had the chance to meet a father and son that decided to take a 13 days trip around Argentina. It was fun to help them organize a great fishing and hunting adventure that included Fishing in Patagonia, visiting Buenos Aires and a 4 day visit at our Estancia Cortaderas to enjoy dove […]
  • Dove hunting in Argentina
    Doves in Argentina Eared Dove: The Eared Dove (Zenaida Auriculata) or Paloma Dorada – this means golden Dove and this is how it is known in Argentina due to the golden colour sometimes found in its wings – is a bird that has become very popular between hunters around the world for the large amounts that […]
  • Dorado fishing in Argentina
    The Dorado or Pirayú – this means golden fish in Guarani Language – comes from the family of the Salmon (Salminus Maxillosus). This fish is one of the most sought after by anglers worldwide, due to the tenacity and the resistance offered to the fishermen, this added to the beauty of its body and the environment […]
  • Upgrades at Malalcue Lodge
    Malalcue hunting lodge is located in the outskirts of the town of Esquina, in the province of Corrientes and overlooking the Corrientes River. This hunting and fishing lodge has been in the company for over 20 years and always offered a great mixed bag hunting including ducks, pigeons, doves, perdiz and dorado fishing. The lodge […]
  • Hunting with the family at Estancia Cortaderas
    This year in April, we received first contact from Mr. Rogers, who wanted to visit Estancia Cortaderas with his family, most of them shooters and some non-shooters. This type of family trips, are something we always encourage. This is something we really work hard for, as hunting lodges are usually thought only for hunters. Well, […]
  • Part 3 of Estancia Cortaderas review
    Where the clouds are birds | Part 3 | by Bob Matthews In retrospect, my Argentina experience was different than I imagined it. And it will probably be different for you, too. It’s about more than just volume. It’s a phenomenon. For me, there were so many birds that my need to hunt was totally […]
  • Part 2 of Estancia Cortaderas review
    Where the clouds are birds | Part 2 | by Bob Matthews What’s remarkable about Cortaderas is its variety of opportunities for wingshooters. I experienced everything that I wanted, and it was all incredible. My biggest surprise, however, came when I hunted perdiz for the first time. The perdiz has to be one of the […]
  • Estancia Cortaderas hunting review
    Where the clouds are birds by Bob Matthews I think I know what Otis Redding had on his mind when he crooned Sittin’ on the dock of a bay. Only there’s no dock here. There’s no bay either, but I’m sitting on a high bluff overlooking the Parana River in Argentina, takin’ the rest of […]
  • 2013 mixed bag season
    Last year we were prepared to have an amazing season, but it was much more incredible than we thought. The perfect amount of rain and the early cold weather gave place to one of the best duck hunting season we have ever experienced.
  • Restyling at Cortaderas
    For the ones who have already visited our lodges, is no news that we try to improve service and infrastructure all the time. This is why this time we wanted to share with you the new improvements done at Estancia Cortaderas. First of all, we have added 3 new rooms at the Estancia, so now […]
  • Recipes from our Chef
    Many times we are asked by our guests about the recipes with which our chefs surprise them every day. Here you have 1 of the many in the list that will keep growing over time. This is for you to enjoy at home and to start savoring what our lodges have to offer. Bon appetite!