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The Thrill of Pigeon Shooting in Argentina’s Skies

Argentina's best hunting

The Thrill of Pigeon Shooting in Argentina’s Skies

Pigeon shooting in Argentina is an exhilarating and popular activity. Argentina offers an unmatched pigeon shooting experience. It attracts hunters from all over the world.

If you want to make the most of your hunting trip in this South American paradise, opt for Arentina’s best hunting. Argentina offers the best destination for pigeon shooting.

There are two types of wild pigeons – city pigeons and country pigeons. The former are the ones found in metropolitan areas, waddling and cooing, defiling statues, and pecking at cigarette butts.

The latter live under vacant railroad trestles or haymows of old barns in remote areas, making them a challenging quarry. Their daily fight for survival makes them wary, which draws me to hunting them.

Best Hunting Lodge for Pigeon Shooting

To make the most of your pigeon shooting trip, consider staying at one of Argentina’s best hunting lodges. These lodges offer cozy accommodations. They offer delicious Argentine cuisine.

They are experienced guides who understand the local pigeon patterns and can help you maximize your hunting win.

Estancia Cortaderas, Malalcue Lodge, and El Raigon are well-known hunting lodges in Argentina for pigeon hunting.

Estancia Cortaderas

  • Estancia Cortaderas is a premier destination for pigeon hunting in the heart of the Cordoba province. The lodge offers an authentic Argentine hunting experience focusing on pigeon shooting.
  • Accommodations at Estancia Cortaderas are comfortable, and guests can expect warm hospitality and delicious Argentine cuisine.
  • The lodge is in a region known for its high pigeon populations, providing hunters ample opportunities to test their skills.

Malalcue Lodge

  • Malalcue Lodge is a prominent choice for pigeon hunting in the province of Cordoba. This lodge combines luxury with a superb hunting experience.
  • The lodge’s elegant accommodations, gourmet meals, and first-class service create a relaxing atmosphere for guests after a day of pigeon shooting.
  • The hunting grounds around Malalcue Lodge are teeming with pigeons, making it an excellent choice for avid hunters.

El Raigon

  • El Raigon is located in the Entre Rios province and is known for its pigeon hunting opportunities. The lodge provides a charming and rustic environment for guests.
  • Accommodations at El Raigon are cozy, and the lodge prides itself on delivering a personalized experience to its visitors.
  • The region’s fertile lands support a thriving pigeon population, offering a great chance for hunters to enjoy their sport.

Pigeon Hunting Season

The pigeon hunting season in Argentina typically runs year-round, making it a convenient destination for those seeking an exciting hunting vacation at any time.

However, remember that certain periods within the year, especially during the cooler and drier months from March to September, are more favorable for pigeon hunting.

Here are some tips for hunting pigeons in Argentina during the cooler and drier months.

  • Hunt early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the birds are more active.
  • Use decoys and camouflage to attract pigeons.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for fast-moving shots.
  • During the cooler months, pigeons gather in larger flocks, so take advantage of this attention.

Planning Your Hunting Trip

Plan your hunting trip well in advance to ensure an amazing pigeon shooting experience in Argentina. Research the best hunting lodges and consider the optimal hunting season.

Make the necessary travel deals. Argentina’s pigeon shooting adventures offer memorable challenges.

Planning your pigeon-hunting adventure in Argentina is a fun and exciting process. Here are some easy steps to help you get ready.

  • Choose Your Lodge: Find a hunting lodge in Argentina that’s good for pigeon hunting. Look at where it is, what people say about it, and what it offers.
  • Pick Your Dates: Decide when you want to go on your pigeon hunting trip. Think about the weather and the season, which is usually all year in Argentina.
  • Contact the Lodge: Contact the lodge to book your trip. Tell them when you want to come, how long you’ll stay, and what you need.
  • Check the Rules: Ensure you know the rules and laws for hunting in Argentina. You might need permits and licenses, and you should understand gun rules.
  • Get Ready to Travel: Plan your travel to Argentina, including flights and how you’ll get to the lodge from the airport. Arrange where you’ll stay before and after your hunting trip.
  • Pack Your Gear: Get your hunting gear ready. It includes your shotgun, bullets, hunting clothes, and anything else you need. Ask the lodge if they have equipment you can rent.
  • Confirm the Lodge Details: Double-check everything with the lodge. Make sure you understand when you’ll arrive, where you’ll stay, what you’ll eat, and any special requests you have.
  • Budget and Payments: Plan how much money you’ll need for your trip. Think about hunting costs, where you’ll stay, food, and any extra expenses. Pay the lodge as they ask.
  • Travel Documents: Make sure your passport and any necessary visas are up-to-date.

Essential Gear for Pigeon Hunting

Pigeon hunting requires specific equipment for a successful and enjoyable experience. Here is a list of essential gear.

  • Shotgun: A reliable shotgun is crucial for pigeon hunting. A 12 or 20-gauge shotgun is commonly used, with a preference for semi-automatic or pump-action models.
  • Ammunition: Depending on the hunting conditions, select the appropriate shot size, typically #6 to #9.
  • Blind or Decoy Setup: Pigeons are highly wary birds, so setting up blind or using realistic decoys is essential.
  • Comfortable Boots: Sturdy and waterproof hunting boots with good traction are vital for navigating the terrain.
  • Hunting Bag or Vest: A bag or vest with multiple pockets carrying extra ammunition, snacks, water, and other needs.
  • Shooting Glasses and Hearing Protection: Safety glasses protect your eyes, while hearing protection guards against loud shotguns.
  • Hunting License and Permits: Ensure you have the hunting licenses and permits required by local regulations.
  • Cleaning Kit: A cleaning kit for your shotgun to maintain it during your hunting trip.
  • Binoculars: Quality binoculars can help you spot pigeons from a distance and plan your approach.
  • First Aid Kit: A basic kit for minor injuries and emergencies in the field.
  • Water and Snacks: Stay hydrated and energized by carrying water and snacks for your hunting excursion.
  • GPS or Map: A GPS device or a hunting area map can help you navigate the terrain effectively.
  • Wind Indicator: Understanding wind direction is crucial for setting up your blind or decoy spread. A wind indicator can help you determine wind patterns.
  • Insect Repellent: Depending on the season and location, you may need insect repellent to protect yourself from pests.
  • Headlamp or Flashlight: Essential for early morning or late evening hunts and tracking game in low-light conditions.
  • Game Carrier or Bag: A game carrier or bag for transporting harvested pigeons back to the lodge.


Argentina has some of the coolest pigeon shooting experiences in the world. The country’s got a mix of landscapes, games, and lodges that are top-notch, making it a great spot for hunters who want the ultimate wing-shooting adventure.

Planning your pigeon hunting adventure is an exciting journey, and these simple steps will help you get the most out of your experience in Argentina.

Whether you’re into dove or pigeon shooting, Argentina has the best hunting opportunities, and you can combine a thrilling experience with natural beauty.

So get up and pack your essential gear, and let’s start pigeon hunting with Argentinas best hunting.




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