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Partridge hunting

Hunt partridge with pointing dogs

Partridge hunting

Partridge hunting with pointing dogs is a classic and challenging form of upland shooting that offers a unique experience for hunters. At ABH, we specialize in providing memorable partridge hunting adventures in the vast Argentine countryside. Here’s what you can expect from our partridge hunting program:

Species and Habitat: Argentina is home to various species of partridge, with the Spotted Tinamou being the most common. Partridges thrive in the abundant grass of the Argentine Pampas, where they lay eggs multiple times a year and live in well-concealed locations. Their diet of seeds and insects, coupled with their preference for walking over flying, results in tender and delicious breast meat
Hunting partridges over pointing dogs adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the experience. Our German Shorthairs and Brittany Spaniels, trained at the Estancia kennel, are adept at locating and pointing out partridges, providing hunters with an opportunity to test their skills against these elusive birds. As partridges often depart with explosive bursts of speed, hunters must be prepared for fast-paced action and long-range shots.
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The Argentine Pampas offer a picturesque backdrop for partridge hunting, with gently rolling green pastures extending as far as the eye can see. Hunters can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the rural setting while enjoying the thrill of the hunt. While navigating the grassy terrain, hunters may encounter the occasional giant Hare, adding to the adventure.

At ABH, we strive to provide hunters with the ultimate partridge hunting adventure, combining challenging hunts with luxurious accommodations and personalized service. Join us for an unparalleled hunting experience in the heart of Argentina’s countryside.
Hunt partridge with pointing dogs

Partridge hunting

The Tinamou or “Perdiz” as it is known in Argentina is a partridge which lives in the abundant grass of the vast Argentine countryside. Partridge hunting is classic upland shooting over pointing dogs. Anyone with a passion for hunting over dogs will appreciate this challenging alternative to high-volume shooting.

Partridge hunting is one of the most enjoyable, albeit challenging forms of hunting offered in our mixed bag program. Argentina is home to 15 species of partridge, the most common of which is the Spotted Tinamou. Partridges exist in large numbers in rural Argentina because they lay eggs 4 to 6 times per year and live in well-concealed locations. They survive on a diet of seeds and insects which, when combined with the fact that they walk more than they fly, is why partridges have what is perhaps the most tender and delicious breast meat of any game bird. Because of their strong inclination to walk, partridges also afford good scent trails to our pointing dogs. They depart with an explosive burst of speed, producing 40-60 yard targets as the whistle of wing beats pierces the tranquility of the rural setting.

Partridges are found in singles and pairs in the grass of the Argentine “Pampa” which covers much of the country. There are no thorns to worry about here, only the occasional giant Hare which may surprise you! The beautiful landscape of gently rolling green pastures which extend as far as the eye can see will be among the factors which make partridge hunting one of the most unusual and memorable aspects of your Argentine mixed bag experience. Partridge hunting is done over German Shorthairs and Brittany Spaniels (2 guns per dog) from the Estancia kennel and may be enjoyed either in the morning or afternoon during our mixed bag season, May – August.

F.A.Q. about partridge hunting in Argentina

Yes, you will be able to hunt 8 partridges per person per hunt.
Yes, you will.
The Tinamou is the partridge you will hunt.

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