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Even though most hunters know about safety rules, we want to make sure every shooter that visits Argentina’s Best Hunting will be taken care of and this is why we feel some reminders are always needed in order to have an amazing time. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting us for the Mixed Bag or for the Cast & Blast; safety is always a must in our programs.

Argentina’s Best Hunting will provide you with your hunting license and if you decided to rent guns, you will be legally authorized to use our shotguns. If you are traveling with your own guns, we will help you get the necessary paper work done for you to be able to use them in Argentina.

Here are some tips you should consider before your hunt starts:

Always be sure that your gun is unloaded when transporting it. So before giving it to the guide check it is not loaded. This is something you must take care of not only when coming or going to the field, but also when going to the airport.

This rule also applies when you are walking with the gun, it should never be loaded!

At the field, it doesn’t matter if you are shooting ducks, doves, pigeons or partridge, be aware of the shooters close by to your area, and although we always place shooters apart, you need to know where they are placed. The same for the people involved in the hunt that are not shooters, like your field assistant, the guide and even farmers working the land. This is why you must never take a low shot!

The 45° rule should always apply for hunting, respect this, and then everybody will be safe and OK. Hunting is to have fun, and by no reason we want you to spoil your trip with an accident that can be prevented.

And remember, you signed up for a great hunting adventure, depending the season and lodge this will be ducks, doves, partridges and/or pigeons, so any other species are prohibited and must never be shot.

We wish you the best hunt ever!




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