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Pigeon hunting

pigeon hunting in Argentina

Pigeon hunting

Pigeon hunting in this area, arranged by Argentina’s Best Hunting, guarantees top quality and offers a unique experience. It’s an exciting addition to your mixed-bag hunting experience.

Your day begins bright and early, ensuring you’re ready for a truly unique experience. Each hunter will be stationed in their own natural blind, with decoys strategically set to kickstart the hunt. Witness the astonishing sight as Blue Rocky’s and Picazurro’s swoop in like never before, signaling the start of the shoot. After a few hours of exhilarating hunting, take a well-deserved break. Your field assistant will guide you to a delightful barbecue where you can share the morning’s adventures with friends. And why not indulge in a short siesta in one of the hammocks thoughtfully prepared by the staff? It’s the perfect way to recharge before the next round.

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Should you choose to shoot alongside a friend, arrangements can be easily made. Beverages will be readily available throughout your adventure, and your dedicated field assistant will ensure you’re always stocked with shells. Afterwards you’ll return to the lodge, reflecting on the incredible pigeon hunt. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an adventure worth reliving time and time again.
pigeon hunting in Argentina

Pigeon hunting in Argentina

Pigeon hunting in this area will once again prove that every hunt organized by Argentina’s Best Hunting is based on quality and will be a great add to your mixed bag hunting. And the big difference between this pigeon hunt compared to others in Argentina, is a noteworthy distinction that adds to the excitement!

Your day will start early in the morning so be prepared to live a unique experience. Each hunter will be posted in his own natural blind and decoys will be set for the hunt to start. You won‘t believe what you see when the pigeons start flying, Blue Rocky’s and Picazurro’s will come to the decoys like you’ve never seen before and the shoot starts. After hunting for a few hours and needing a break, your field assistant will walk you to where a great barbecue will be waiting for you, there you will be able to share the morning experience with your friends and why not relax for a short siesta in one of the hammocks the staff has prepared for you.

 If you decide you want to shoot with one of your friends, this can be done. Beverages will be available at all times and your field assistant will make sure you never run out of shells.  After an hour drive, you will be back at the lodge having an amazing pigeon hunt and realizing that this is not a once in a life time experience, this is something you must repeat !

F.A.Q. about pigeon hunting in Argentina

You will hunt two types of pigeons, Blue Rocky’s and Picazurro’s.
  • Only by previous request as natural blinds will be set for each hunt and are individual.

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Pigeon hunting