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Duck hunting

Incredible duck hunting adventure in Argentina

Duck hunting

Duck hunting in Argentina offers a magical experience. Typically, in the morning, hunters depart before dawn. Upon arrival at the designated spot, guides swiftly construct natural blinds and set out decoys to enhance the hunting experience.

As the pre-dawn light emerges, you’ll sense the moving shadows of ducks around you, their wings beating so close that you can hear them. Witnessing the sunrise while ducks pass and decoy is an unforgettable experience, truly worth the entire trip.

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Duck hunting in Argentina typically occurs in the morning, with a generous limit of 15 ducks per hunt. The season, running from May to August during the Argentine winter, offers the opportunity to target the large and majestic Rosy-Billed Poachard, considered the royalty of Argentinean ducks. Additionally, hunters may encounter several beautiful and fast teal species, as well as the occasional tree duck or pintail. Hunts can take place in open water or amidst the scenic natural ponds abundant in the region.

Incredible duck hunting adventure in Argentina

Duck hunting in Argentina

There is a magic about duck hunting in Argentina. On a typical morning hunt, you will leave by boat before dawn. When you arrive at the appointed spot your guide will quickly construct a natural blind and set out decoys. You will begin to sense the moving shadows of pre-dawn ducks around you, so close you can hear their wings beat. Watching the sun rise here with ducks passing and decoying is worth the price of the whole trip.

Ducks are typically hunted in the morning, and the limit is a very generous 15 per hunt. The season is May – August, Argentine winter. Your primary target will be the large, majestic Rosy-Billed Poachard, the royalty of Argentinean ducks. In addition, you may see several types of beautiful and very fast teal plus the occasional tree duck or pintail. Duck hunting may take place in open water or in one of the many beautiful natural ponds.

F.A.Q. about duck hunting in Argentina

The limit is 15 ducks per person per hunt.


Amongst the most common you will see rosy billed pochard, Brazilian teal, silver teal, ringed teal, white faced whistling duck, black belied whistling duck and fulvous duck.


Hip boots will work perfectly, as we never go into deep water.

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