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Dove hunting

The only limit is your desire to shoot!

Dove hunting

High-volume dove hunting in Argentina, particularly in regions like Estancia Cortaderas and El Raigon lodge, has gained international recognition for its abundance of doves, with shooting over 2,000 rounds a day being common.

A typical day of dove shooting in Argentina starts with a brief drive to the field, where your personal hunting guide sets up a natural blind stocked with unlimited ammunition of your choice. You’ll have a stool for comfort, and beverages will be readily available. Doves can be hunted either in the morning or afternoon, near roosts or in fields close to feed lots.

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The surge in commercial agricultural activity in the Entre Rios province has led to a dramatic rise in the local dove population, attracted by soy, corn, and sorghum fields. This has created ideal conditions for pass shooting, offering a “sporty” experience where hunters can use various guns and select their shots freely, with the only limit being their desire to shoot.
Dove hunting | The only limit is your desire to shoot!

Dove hunting in Argentina

High volume dove hunting has put Argentina on the map as the world’s ultimate bird shooting destination. The quantity of doves in the region where Estancia Cortaderas and Malalcue lodge operate is among the most impressive in Argentina and the world. Shooting over 2,000 rounds a day is not unusual!

A day of dove shooting begins after a short drive to the field where your personal hunting guide has built you a natural blind and stocked it with an unlimited supply of the ammunition of your choice. A stool will be available for you and beverages will always be on hand. Doves can be hunted morning or afternoon at roosts or in fields close to feed lots.

The local dove population has exploded in the Entre Rios province in recent years due to an increase in commercial agricultural activity. This water saturated green countryside is increasingly being converted into fields for soy, corn and sorghum which have attracted unnatural quantities of voracious doves. Dove hunting is all pass shooting and can be very “sporty.” It is a perfect opportunity to shoot several different guns and pick your shots. The only limit is your desire to shoot.

F.A.Q. about dove hunting in Argentina

No, drives will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

No, dove hunting is all year round.

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