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Dorado fishing

Catch the tigers of the river

Dorado fishing

Dorado fishing on the Estancia grounds offers anglers the opportunity to pursue one of the most exhilarating freshwater game fish experiences in the world. The Golden Dorado, known as the “tiger of the river,” is a prized catch renowned for its ferocious strikes, acrobatic leaps, and powerful runs. Whether you prefer spinning rods or the challenge of a fly rod, our prime location ensures an unforgettable fishing adventure.
Characteristics of Golden Dorado: Golden Dorado are known for their aggressive behavior, often striking with the force of a Wahoo and displaying impressive aerial acrobatics when hooked. Their strength and fighting spirit make them a favorite among anglers seeking thrilling freshwater battles. Catching a Dorado on the fly is considered a pinnacle achievement for many fishermen, akin to landing species like Tarpon or Tuna.
Prime Fishing Location: Estancia Cortaderas is situated within walking distance of the Parana River system, the largest waterway in Argentina. Our lodge, perched on a cliff 150 feet above the river, provides easy access to the riverbank, allowing guests to quickly reach prime fishing spots. While the Parana River itself is vast and frequented by large vessels, the real fishing treasure lies in its intricate system of streams and lagoons, where Dorado thrive in abundance.

Fishing Techniques: Whether you opt for fly casting or spinning, you’ll find success in targeting Dorado in the Parana River system. While both methods are effective, many anglers prefer the challenge and artistry of fly fishing. Our experienced guides are on hand to provide expert advice and assistance, ensuring that your fishing excursion is both productive and enjoyable.
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At Estancia Cortaderas, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled Dorado fishing experiences in the breathtaking setting of the Parana River system. Join us for an unforgettable angling adventure as you pursue the golden tigers of the river.

The diversity of the complex system

The complexity and diversity of the river’s fringe ecosystem contribute to the uniqueness of our fishing program at Estancia Cortaderas. Here, anglers are presented with a myriad of fishing scenarios, from casting from boats or banks to wading through small streams. This variety ensures that each day brings a new and exciting experience for fishermen of all skill levels.

The Dorado Experience: Hooking into a Dorado is an exhilarating experience transcending words. Engaging in this ritual provides anglers with a real challenge and a thrilling workout, as they test their skills against the strength and fierce temper of the Dorado.
At Estancia Cortaderas, we strive to create an environment where anglers can immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of Dorado fishing while enjoying the comforts of our lodge and the breathtaking scenery of the Parana River system. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable fishing adventure in the heart of Argentina.
Catch the tigers of the river

Dorado fishing in Argentina

The best freshwater Dorado fishing in the world is available on Estancia grounds within walking distance from the lodge. The Golden Dorado is a highly prized game fish that hits like a Wahoo and is prone to acrobatic leaps and runs. You may use spinning rods but many guests enjoy the challenge of a fly rod for these “golden tigers.” Dorado fishing may be combined with high-volume dove shooting for the ultimate “cast & blast” package. Fishing is year round but the best months are September-April. Among the best kept secrets for serious freshwater anglers is certainly the golden Dorado or Salminus Maxillosus of Argentina. This freshwater rarity has been likened to Tarpon, Tuna and even Wahoo and is a must on the travel itinerary of any serious fisherman.

At Estancia Cortaderas we fish out of the Parana River system which is the largest waterway in Argentina. Our lodge is built on a cliff 150 feet over the river allowing guests accessibility to the riverbank in just a few minutes. While both fly cast and spinning are effective, most guests enjoy the former. The Parana proper is an enormous waterway home to a variety of large vessels navigating into the interior of the country but its reach goes far beyond what one sees bank to bank. It is in the vast system of streams and lagoons whose expanse may take one far from the visible river that Estancia Cortaderas offers what we consider the finest Dorado fishing in Argentina.

The diversity of the complex system on the fringe of the river is what makes our fishing program unique in offering an angler any number of fishing scenarios. It is possible to cast from the boat or a bank or wade a small stream any given day. Anything between an 8 and 11 wt. saltwater rod can be used although we typically recommend using a 9 wt. with floating, intermediate and sink tip fly lines. Several experts recommend using the Versi-Tip line from Rio which has choices for the head from floating to sinking. The seasons in Argentina are opposite of those in the U.S. meaning that October through March are warm weather months when the fishing is best. Weather in Entre Rios where Estancia Cortaderas is located is very comfortable in warmer months, making for enjoyable days spent on the water.

To hook a Dorado is an experience in and of itself which can hardly be adequately described by words. Acrobatic leaps accompany finger burning runs as the Dorado tries to escape its fate. The ritual provides a real challenge and quite a workout for the angler as these “Tigers of the river” demonstrate their strength and fierce temper.

F.A.Q. about Dorado fishing in Argentina

We always recommend fly fishing, but lure is also an option.


It will depend on the day, but 8 is an average number.

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