Seasons in Argentina at Estancia Cortaderas




Due to the variety of available activities, Estancia Cortaderas offers hunting and fishing 12 months/year.  High volume dove hunting, pigeon hunting and dorado fishing are offered year round and are combined with ducks and perdiz May-August for the ultimate mixed bag experience.


Mixed Bag

May – August


Mixed bag hunting combines ducks, perdiz, pigeon and doves for the ultimate in a diverse sporting experience.  Duck and perdiz hunting takes place only during the Argentine winter (May-August) and is combined with dove and pigeon which are hunted year round.  The combination of species and hunt schedules are determined based of the preferences of our guests.  Dorado fishing may also be enjoyed during the mixed bag season.


High Volume Dove 

September - April


Dove hunting is year round but the best of our high volume hunting takes place during our “off season”, beginning in September at the close of the mixed bag season.  As spring approaches, warmer weather attracts swarms of eared doves known to locals only as a fierce agricultural pest.  Hunters have no problem to shoot 4 cases of shells daily during this season.  The colder May-August season similarly presents no shortage of doves.  Finishing a day of mixed bag hunting with a late afternoon dove shoot as birds swarm back to their roost easily affords the chance to shoot a case or more of shells.


Dorado Fishing

All year


A unique feature among Argentine outfitters is our ability to offer Dorado fishing all year.  The lodge’s strategic location on the Parana River offers convenient access to Argentina’s principle freshwater artery, affording countless fishing opportunities.  Fishing may be combined with the winter mixed bag hunts or with high volume dove hunts (September-April) for the ultimate “cast & blast” experience.


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