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#1 in the World

Experts agree that the finest bird shooting destination in the world is Argentina.   And the very best areas of Argentina are the Provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes.  If you have experienced great pheasant shooting in Nebraska, great quail in the South, classic ducks in Arkansas or even high volume doves in Mexico, be prepared to have your best day eclipsed over and over again.

Estancia Cortaderas offers five star hunting and wing shooting in Argentina for dove, duck, pigeon, and Perdiz including luxury accommodations. There are also excellent fishing opportunities for dorado. Check out Argentina's premier hunting and fishing destination today!


Easy Travel

Argentina is easy to access from the U.S.  Direct flights are available from Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston, New York,  Miami, and Atlanta every day.  The typical flight leaves in the evening and arrives in the early morning in Buenos Aires.  You will be travelling North to South, and you will arrive one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.  You can go to sleep on the plane and awake at about your normal time in the U.S. with no jet lag.  You will be met at the airport and assisted with gun check in and transportation to Estancia Cortaderas.


Safe and Friendly

Argentineans genuinely like Americans and are proud to show and tell you about their beautiful and diverse country.  You will be as safe in the countryside of Argentina as you would be anywhere in the U.S.


Why Choose Estancia Cortaderas


True Mixed Bag

The best reason to choose Estancia Cortaderas is that it is one of the few lodges in the world that can provide true world class mixed bag wing shooting out of one lodge. Dove/duck/perdiz or dove/dorado hunting fishing combinations are our specialty.  All combos, all the time, you pick your species and your season and Estancia Cortaderas will take care of the rest.  Most hunters who travel to Argentina end up in a dove only experience.  No doubt Argentina has the finest dove hunting in the world but why settle for dove only when you can have the variety of dove, duck, perdiz or dove and Dorado fishing combos?


Total Experience

A great hunting trip is also a lot more than just pulling the trigger.  It must be about the total experience.  Estancia Cortaderas offers luxury accommodations in a beautiful setting, gourmet food and wine, great service, competent and friendly owners and staff with 20+ year’s experience.  Our high number of repeat customers is testament to the quality of this total experience. 


Father/Son, Family & Friends

The last reason is what we call father/son or family and friends.  Some of our most enthusiastic clients have been father/son or extended family groups.  We can provide you the opportunity to hunt literally side by side with your son, grandson, brother, uncle, etc.  The whole Lodge can be yours for a minimum booking of 10 hunters.  This is our specialty and something we really enjoy doing.  Estancia Cortaderas is a world class private hunting experience that you will never forget.


Kevin's is the official outfitter of Estancia Cortaderas.

For all the highest quality outdoor gear, apparel, and guns.

Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel

Family owned and operated, Kevin’s has been outfitting American sportsmen and women for more than 30 years.  Our hunting collection honors a tradition that’s older than the Republic and just as vital. No surprise, many of our fine products are American-made.


Muller Chokes is the choke tube partner for Estancia Cortaderas

For the finest, cleanest shooting, high volume choke made.


Photograpy in large part provided by Isaias Miciu who is available to photograph your trip and make custom photo albums.

Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici - Photographer

Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici - Photographer


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